Cruelty Free Down - Race to the Top

Geese and ducks raised for meat can be subject to the cruel practices of live-plucking and force-feeding for fatty liver (foie gras). Feathers and down are commonly used in outdoor wear, sleeping bags and homeware such as duvets. Brands that use down from geese and ducks in their products are starting to take responsibility for the welfare of animals in their supply chain.

You can track the actions that each brand is taking and help make sure geese and ducks are not live-plucked or force-fed through the FOUR PAWS ‘Cruelty Free Down Challenge’. To date, most brands that use down depend only on certificates and audit reports from their suppliers to state that animals they source from had a life free of live-plucking, force-feeding or other cruelties. Experience has shown that these assurances do not provide sufficient guarantees that animals have a cruelty free life.

When taking part in the Challenge, brands are digging deeper for the truth behind how the geese and ducks they source down from are living so that they can be certain that live-plucking and force-feeding as well as other forms of suffering are avoided.

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